Hybrid Cloud & Shadow I.T

Over the past few years we've all spent time learning and reading about Public vs. Private clouds and the concept of a Hybrid cloud environment. We've also heard a lot about the growing impact of Shadow IT, as more solutions and applications are being used without the knowledge or approval of I.T teams. Organizations experiencing Shadow... Continue Reading →


Our Deepest Fear…..

Lately I've had to contend with a series of changes - career advancement will often bring new challenges and opportunities, success and failures. I'm learning not to get too high or too low - I think just about everyone is contending with many of the same issues, albeit in different contexts, different circumstances. Whenever I... Continue Reading →

Business Model Innovation from HP

Interesting example of Business Model Innovation from HP – with its Instant Ink Offer. I learnt about this initiative recently, when I purchased an HP printer. Apparently HP introduced its Instant Ink subscription-based business model a few years ago, I’m just catching up. This offering essentially moves HP’s supplies business from a transactional and more... Continue Reading →

Bringing Back The Leadership Journal…..

Years ago, we launched a blogsite called "The Leadership Journal". The idea was to share brief insights and learnings on how individuals can become Leaders. We also sought to highlight ways in which existing Leaders could become better ones. I had this thought that if we could publish one brief yet insightful write up each week, we'd help ... Continue Reading →

Farewell my friend

Don’t Waste Your Life If you were still with us, I bet that’s what you’d say. You’d want each of us to push forward and make the most of every single day.We all know that life is full of challenges – problems, setbacks and strife. And yet, what choice do we have but to keep going,... Continue Reading →

A Life That Shows

I know a Man whose been told that he has 3 - 4 months to live. He's been fighting cancer for many months now - and after a gruelling treatment regimen, he and his family have made the difficult decision to stop chemotherapy treatments. Here's an excerpt from an email he recently sent out to... Continue Reading →

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