Life Lessons From a Dreamer…..

Last Year, I was invited to speak to 8th Graders at my Son’s Middle School. He’d left the year before so the invitation came as a pleasant surprise. It was a Career Day event, and speakers were asked to come and share a little about ourselves, our careers, our journey so far and what role education has played.

I chose to title my session “Life Lessons from a Dreamer”. I guess I must hae made a good impression as I was invited back to the same event, this year.

I thought about changing my theme, varying the topic a little – but the title still rings true to me. I think Subliminally, I wanted to remind myself of the importance of dreaming. Sometimes, when we’ve had a little success and accomplished a few goals, we do tend to forget.

One question in particular, stood out for me. I was asked “What advice would you have given your 8th grade self that present day students could learn from“?

Here’s my response.

I think the point that resonates most with me is the one about being Optimistic. There’s enough Pessimists & Realists in our World – I’ll wager you that not many of them go on to do really World Changing Stuff with what little time we have in Life. We need more Optimists – Leaders who will have the faith, self-belief and mindset to make things happen.

I need to remember to take my own advice more often – afterall, like Will Smith Said – “What’s the Point in being Realistic”???

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