A Prayer for Aspiring Leaders

It’s been well over a decade now, started back in 2009, shortly after I became a manager, for the first time. I can’t take credit for this Prayer – I certainly didn’t come up with it on my own. Started out with a focus on the gifts of Solomon, Job, Joshua – over the years,... Continue Reading →

Preeminence – My Key Learnings

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to hear Glen Jackson speak about a book he’s written called Preeminence. By definition, Preeminence is the state or character of being Preeminent - eminent above or before others. superior; surpassing. I was intrigued by what I heard and decided to read the book. Glen shares some interesting... Continue Reading →

How Will You Measure Your Life ? – Revisited

Clayton Christensen died on January 23rd. Much has been said and written about his management theories – notably Disruptive Innovation, explained in the Innovators Dilemma. You’ll find some of his most popular articles – here. One piece he wrote which had a significant impact on me personally was – How will you measure your life? In... Continue Reading →

RIP #24 / #8

Like everyone else, I woke up a few days ago to the news that Kobe Bryant has passed away – doesn’t seem real to me. Seemed like just yesterday he was thrilling Millions of us on the Basketball Courts – dominating with Mamba Mentality. One of the key traits which Kobe is known for is... Continue Reading →

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