Eduardo Kobra & Developing Your Super Powers…..

What is Your Super Power and what good does it bring to you and folks around you? Last week I spent time in Sao Paulo Brazil, meeting with customers, partner and colleagues. I learnt a ton about business challenges and opportunities in the region. One of the most memorable moments was getting a chance to... Continue Reading →


More Insights on Business Model Innovation

Now that we’ve established some guidelines regarding the concept of Business Model Innovation, here are some more insights on this exciting and constantly evolving trend. Business model innovation essentially encompasses decisively different ways in which a tangible product is marketed, delivered to customers, or enhanced with services. One interesting point I’ve read several times and... Continue Reading →

Do You Sound Like A Leader?

Anyone can learn to be an effective, even inspirational Leader - by taking intentional steps to train and improve various aspects of our lives. I came across an inspirational article in the Harvard Business Review by Rebecca Shambaugh which featured great insights on developing a Leadership Voice & a Leadership Presence. "To Sound Like a... Continue Reading →

So, What exactly is a Multi-Cloud

I've written a bunch about Hybrid Clouds - an increasingly popular phenomenon, as more organizations look to take advantage of the benefits of public cloud scenarios.  Recently, I came across another term - Multi-Cloud, basically an approach to exploring Hybrid Cloud scenarios, using multiple disparate cloud services. For example, your enterprise invests in expanding a cloud infrastructure. You've moved... Continue Reading →

What is Business Model Innovation?

What is a Business Model ? A design for the successful operation of a business, identifying revenue sources, customer base, products, and details of financing. Business models are “at heart, stories — stories that explain how enterprises work. A good business model answers a number of key questions. Who is the customer? And what does... Continue Reading →

Lessons in Creativity – From Pixar

I’ve always been a fan of Pixar Movies so I was curious about Creativity Inc, by Ed Catmull. As I read through the book I realized that it’s about much more than the Story of Pixar and how Ed thinks about Creativity. It’s an interesting book with some really great insights on Ed’s leadership style.... Continue Reading →

Hybrid Cloud & Shadow I.T

Over the past few years we've all spent time learning and reading about Public vs. Private clouds and the concept of a Hybrid cloud environment. We've also heard a lot about the growing impact of Shadow IT, as more solutions and applications are being used without the knowledge or approval of I.T teams. Organizations experiencing Shadow... Continue Reading →

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