Top 15 Global Brands – Year 2000 – 2018

Fascinating look at how the World's most popular Global Brands have evolved over the past 18 years...  


Why do some Digital Platforms Thrive and others don’t?

Why do some Platforms thrive, creating & capturing more value as their networks grow? Why do others struggle or even fail? Individual consumers and corporations are making bets on platforms, from devices and operating systems we use, to app ecosystems & cloud services. We also bet on ride platforms, online payment & delivery services, social... Continue Reading →

More Insights on Business Model Innovation

Now that we’ve established some guidelines regarding the concept of Business Model Innovation, here are some more insights on this exciting and constantly evolving trend. Business model innovation essentially encompasses decisively different ways in which a tangible product is marketed, delivered to customers, or enhanced with services. One interesting point I’ve read several times and... Continue Reading →

Do You Sound Like A Leader?

Anyone can learn to be an effective, even inspirational Leader - by taking intentional steps to train and improve various aspects of our lives. I came across an inspirational article in the Harvard Business Review by Rebecca Shambaugh which featured great insights on developing a Leadership Voice & a Leadership Presence. "To Sound Like a... Continue Reading →

So, What exactly is a Multi-Cloud

I've written a bunch about Hybrid Clouds - an increasingly popular phenomenon, as more organizations look to take advantage of the benefits of public cloud scenarios.  Recently, I came across another term - Multi-Cloud, basically an approach to exploring Hybrid Cloud scenarios, using multiple disparate cloud services. For example, your enterprise invests in expanding a cloud infrastructure. You've moved... Continue Reading →

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